Welcome to 12 Dollar New Jersey Driver!

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No tricks, no "upgrades", no games.

One flat price of $12, and not a penny more, ever. This covers everything, including your certificate and New Jersey processing/reporting fees.

What we give you...

    • Educational Videos
    • Easy-to-read charts and visual aids to make it easier.
    • Practice questions at the end of each section to help you learn the material.
    • Unlimited chances to pass the final exam - keep on taking the test until you pass.

Why is our cost so low?

Because we don't have a flashy, decorated front page to catch your attention. We would have to hire expensive programmers to do that, and the customers would have to pay for it. We think most people want an inexpensive and easy-to-understand site that has all the learning tools they need, rather than a flashy, expensive front page.

Also we were disappointed with all of the tricks and games...sites that advertise a low price that catches your attention, but they don't immediately tell you of the other mandatory costs, which make your total cost much higher. That's just not right, so we don't do that. The cost is $12, period.